Hm. That name sounds vaguely familiar. Only just.


she kept to herself

folks dont know her, only !n pass!ng

or rumors



Please do tell me about her! I’m very interested.

Perhaps I knew her when I was alive.


…..her name !s Elanor

ARTIST: Alan Menken
TRACK: Campfire
ALBUM: Tangled



I suppose so? I never asked her if she had sex and filled buckets.

She frightened me. No eyes yet I felt like she was piercing me with her gaze. Terrible thing, really. So cold.

»You perk up.

And you. Do you know of your ancestor?

> She sounds interesting.



! do



Who was she or what was her name?

Because she was a, well, she was’t nice…But in her own way she was kind. As for her name? It escapes me to be honest. But I think her last name was Alesis?

It’s been such a long time. Forgive me.

yer alr!ght

!s she an ancestor?

> Are you an ancestor?



And youre still alive!? Amazing! You must be a strong redblood.

»You think to yourself for a moment. She reminded you of a troll you once knew.

You know, you remind me of a frightening redblood woman I once knew of. A vicious creature, poisonous and beautiful flower.


thank you

that !s flatter!ng

> Super flattering, Gods above.

who was she?



Oh, really? Xhax wa~ ~ooner xhan I expecxed acxually. Xhank you ~o much. I promi~e I’ll give ix back a~ ~oon a~ I’m done reading and xaking noxe~, if xhax’~ fine wixh you.

>You’ll probably make a copy of it for yourself, to be honest. You can’t imagine the book is in the best of shape anyway, and you know where to get beautifully durable blank books.

f!ne w!th me

> You bring out a book. Old, dirt-dusted and wrapped and rewrapped with old twine, to hold the spine together. It is old.

> The title has been scratched in sloppily with a sharp tool, into the brown, leather cover. It reads: “Whispers of Dirt”

helps w!th nature read!ngs

sect!on w!th stones, bout them talk!n, to each other

good book

(Source: drowsybutch)



….I’m not sure? A few hundred sweeps I’m sure. I once found the wreckage of my ship. It’s chilling to see your own bones as you left them.

I needed to drink more milk! Haha!

»Ah yes. Joke to make yourself feel better. 

What are these from?

»He points to the marks covering her forearms. 


…….can !mag!ne

> He is aware he is dead. He is aware he has been dead for a long time. Why has he not ascended?

was electrocuted



trust does not work !f you are weak and g!ve noth!ng


Been xhere. ~uck~.

! have book for you



Rebellion. I have a few fleets of ships and I waged war on the Empire. I’d say you might have heard of me but…I’ve come to believe the Empire has wiped me from history. The only way to truly kill a man. 

I think my mate took over once I passed but I’m not sure. I died young for my caste, 13 sweeps, and he was an olive blood.  


…He’s surely dead by now.

»You moves closer to her, wanting to get a better view of her tattoos. They were interesting to you as you’d always wanted to get some when you had flesh. It was a good distraction from how much you missed Pelops.


> He’s getting closer. Ignore it.

doubt ! would, anyway. dont know much bout the Emp!re

dont care much

> He’s studying you, your inks. So you study him. He is still young, is a shame. His horns are familiar.

you know how long you been dead?

> Most don’t. Figured you’d ask, to smooth the process.



Being lazy and ignoring it? You know I’m going to have to agree. When I was alive, albeit the fact i was busy, I often ignored things outside of my work. A terrible thing to have done and I’m a little ashamed to admit it. 

I missed out on a lot but that’s fine. 

»You pause at her question.

I’m not sure! I can’t leave. I know that much.

And you. What are you doing here, hm?

you have unf!n!shed bus!ness



felt someth!ng. now ! know what

what d!d you work?

> Might as well help.




You can see me!? You know a lot of lowbloods I’ve met couldn’t see me but theres always been the rare few. It’s even more rare for the highbloods to see me…Perhaps its a caste thing?

Interesting isn’t it?

»You were just exploding with word vomit, you were just so excited to talk to someone who was alive and catch up on modern events. Well, just being able to talk to someone excited you.


….maybe? feels l!ke some h!gh folks would be able to see

th!nk !ts bout be!n lazy. folks !gnor!n !t

> Seems decent. Excited.

what you do!n here?



When rping a fight with someone else’s character: Always leave room for error on your characters part.

That means to leave space for your rp partners character to make a counteractive move! If you don’t leave room for error that usually causes you to godmod which doesn’t make rping very fun for your rp partner.

Try to be considerate!!

God moding: Making your character functionally unbeatable (Derived, I believe, from the “God mode” cheats in assorted games to make your character unkillable). Dodging, blocking or otherwise completely shrugging off everything your opponent attempts to do (Especially where it doesn’t make sense). A combat expert wearing heavy body armour fighting against an untrained, unarmed weak dude can viably not give a fuck about what the other person does. In any normal situation, that’s not the case. Understand the limitations of your own character, and understand what the other character can do.

Power gaming: Forcing your actions upon the other player, giving them no room to react. The good old rule in roleplay is always attempt actions when interacting with others, never perform them. Good roleplay, especially combat roleplay, must flow between players properly. That flow is broken when you insist an action succeeds where it might otherwise not. If your character’s opponent would have the chance to react, give them that chance.

Character 1: Attempted action.

Character 2: Response to action. Attempted action.

Character 1: Response to action. Attempted action.

Etc, in a loop until the roleplay concludes. This ties in to god modding because you must realistically respond to the things set forth by your partner. If the other character cannot viably do anything (They are unconscious, tied up completely or something similar) you don’t have to attempt an action (Though obviously it’s best to discuss OOC before you do anything that may have serious impact), but in any other case, always do so. Hell, even then, it’s best to allow your opponent the chance to properly respond to what your character did, should it effect the way your character acts in some way.

People who power game or god mode are essentially only wishing to play with themselves, and only want you included because you provide the second toy to play with. Good roleplay is about back and forth between two (or more) to create a story, so unless you have the other person’s consent (It’s part of the plot for your character to be beating the ever loving shit out of theirs with no chance of response), just….don’t.




»Is this troll looking at you…? Sometimes they did that. The living occasionally stared off into space but what they didn’t know they were staring at otherworldly things that their sixth sense had picked up on. 

»Nevertheless it always made you feel awkward when they stared but didn’t see. So, naturally, being the chatterbox you are: You spoke to them.

Hello! Nice evening isn’t it? You’re looking well.



you too

> Weird. Dead folks don’t normally look… Whole.



I wonder how Pelops is doing..