I guess that couldn’t hurt.

It’ll be distracting from the shit at hand at least.

How’ve you been, by the way?

s’the po!nt of em

been better



Anything to get my blood pumping I guess? Hunting, fighting, surfing sometimes, you know, the usual.

Stargazing and collecting skulls from kills are nice too.

I’m not saying I don’t enjoy this shit anymore but I have no motivation to do it.

m!x n match

maybe start a collect!on

gather !nformat!on

someth!n to pass the t!me



I don’t know what I’d even enjoy doing that I don’t already do..

Any suggestions?


what normally g!ves you joy


drowsybutch replied to your post: I need to get off my lazy ass and do …

dont sound l!ke you


Unfortunately it’s not.

Some shit happened is all and my drive to do much has been low as piss.

p!ck up a hobby

whats a wedg!e




drowsybutch replied to your post “I can feel it.” “The need to punch someone.” “Or maybe I’m just…”

eat someth!n


"But what if it turns out I’m not hungry?"

eat someth!n anyway

"I don’t have any food though….."

go hunt!ng



!ve gone so long w!thout sopor ! forget what !t feels l!ke

i doN’t sleep iN sopor.

it giVes Me Weird dreaMs.

thats probably the health!er opt!on, howzat


Tbh roleplay partners being patient with each other while they reply is one of the most important things there is to consider. And like I’m sry if you keep pushing at someone for a reply after they say they’ll do it you’re kind of gonna look like a dick SHJFK

but theres a n!ce breeze so !m napp!ng !n trees

or a bush

!ve gone so long w!thout sopor ! forget what !t feels l!ke



     You bore witness to every slice of flesh and spattering of blood as the hog was mercilessly shredded through the speckled glass of your scope, your finger locked against the wooden stock of your rifle. Three long sweeps on this planet had given you an immunity to traumatic events, and it certainly wasn’t often that you literally could not believe what you were witnessing. This, however, was different. This wasn’t something so simple as a murder or so overplayed as a public culling by the empire-

     This was totally unexpected.

     Your hands begin to shake as your breath grew heavier. You felt a strange emotion penetrate your heart- a cold, unforgiving feeling of betrayal sinking through your veins like an iron anchor cut loose from its line. She had no reason to be here. She was gone. She moved. She had vacated the forest and vacated your life- all because she had to, and being the good moirail you were you knew that it was necessary to let her go.

     And now here she was again.

     A sound of thunder reverberated through the floral thicket as your shot screamed light through the darkness of the brush. The bullet whipped through the bushes and leaves as if they were tissue, snapping through the beast’s foreleg merely inches away from your ex-moirail’s hand. The foot severed itself from the pressure, leaving the hog’s corpse to drop lifelessly back against the dirt.

     It was a fine shot- a one-in-a-million chance. If asked, however, you yourself couldn’t recall if you were truly aiming for the beast’s leg or not.

     You stood perfectly still in anticipation, your only movements the rising of your chest and the beating of your heart.

It feels like your bloodpusher’s been punched up to your throat and close to  bursting like an over-ripe fruit.

The sensation is not altogether different than regurgitating white-hot bile, up your nose.

There’s a moment where you hover off the ground, a split second, and every muscle, every vein tightens hard enough to wretch a shriek from your very soul. The weight in your hand hangs loose.

What the fuck was that?

Stupidly, you lift up the loosened grip, staring at the detached hoofs in your fist, and back to the beast’s carcass, gawking as a remaining vessel bleeds over the newly-acquired wounds in it’s front legs.

What the fuck was that?!" you bellow, taking a hop-step away from the corpse, goosebumps spread up and down your arms and legs.

The sound alone nearly shot you out of your skin. You’ve never heard that before.

What was that?




Well… it’s easier to draW tHaN eXplaiN.

i Had oNe dreaM WitH YoU iN it.. YoUr arMs Were WHite aNd YoU Had foUr of tHeM.

it Was a straNge dreaM.

i Had sHort Hair…

> Draw her out again as described.

> four arms? she can feel her eyebrows nearly lift from her face

> watch him draw, intent on the picture

why four arms

i doN’t KNoW…

it Was oNlY a dreaM.

aN iNterestiNg oNe, bUt oNlY a dreaM…

i tHiNK.

> it’s never just a dream


was the worst one you remember

> like a bandaid